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Every day your right to own pets is at risk. A small but well organized group is taking away this right. This is called animal rights.

Animal rights has nothing to do with animal welfare. Animal welfare is the humane treatment of animals. Animal rights uses propaganda, distorted facts, scare tactics and outright lies to accomplish their agenda of eliminating the owning of pets.

One of the primary ways they are working towards this goal is by getting laws passed that place undue burdens on pet owners and violate our civil rights. One such type of law is Mandatory Spay/Neuter. If all pets are spayed/neutered, there are no more pets to breed. Another commonly seen law is Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) which restricts certain breeds from being kept. Once a few breeds are prohibited, it is easy to add more breeds to the list, and then more after that.

Find out what you can do to ensure that you will always have the right to come home to a happy, loved pet! Information and links are available on this site, as well as a discussion forum where you can find answers to your questions about pet laws.
With your help, we can win the fight!!
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